I watched an interview with J. K. Rowling.  “If I wrote when I felt like it, I would have written two pages,” she said.

My teenage son plays the bassoon and piano and aspires to be a professional musician.  I told him. . . If you stop almost anyone on the street and ask if she’d like to be able to play the piano like Horowitz, (or Billy Joel, Elton John, you pick), she would say, “Of course I would.”  If you ask if she’ll practice 4 hours every night after work for the next twenty-two years, she’d tell you, “Yeah, right.”

Soooo many people want to write a book.  But how many of them are willing to work at it every night (or high-noon or whenever) until it’s done?  How about you?  But you don’t have to put in 4 hours a night, that’s the good news.  You should say hello to your work each night, though.  If Rowling can push herself to type over 4,000 pages, you can make yourself write 300.